Ritual To Attract Money

Ritual To Attract Money

How do you attract money when you really, really “need” it (as in, you could lose your home if it doesn’t come quickly)….as opposed to just desiring more? My understanding is “need” represents “lack” and then you get more “lack”….but when the need is quite serious, what do you do?

I’m going to go out on a limb here and say sometimes you really, really need money, and you NEED it quickly! To pretend everything’s cool–when your house is about to go on the block–is insane.

You wouldn’t believe how many people try to hire me so I can waive my magic wand, fix their mindset and make their problems go away “poof!” They watched “The Secret” and read some books that told them to create vision boards, raise their vibrations and tithe (all good stuff); but they don’t want to get serious about their business!

Since you asked what I do, I’ll tell you: I ask my “Money Honey” (my tall, dark, handsome personification of money who happens look a lot like Clive Owen these days).
I’ll say, “Money, I’m feeling anxious. What do you want me to do so I can feel less anxious?”
Here’s the #1 answer that comes back: “Be creative.”

What if your money said that to you?

I’ll tip my hand here. At different times being creative has looked like
• have a sale
• send out an email
• create a product (or create THAT product I’ve been putting off)
• create a new class
• say yes to trying something different and scary
• say no to things I’ve been doing, like undercharging.

These answers don’t look magical, but my results have been miraculous.

The answer to your dilemna can be so obvious that you don’t even see it. The bottom line in business always comes down to this: the problem you solve has to be bigger than the money you charge. And your customer has to know it. That’s YOUR responsibility.

A positive mindset is not enough. You have to HELP your money come to you.
EDUCATE yourself on business, branding, marketing, and the skills you need to help your customers. The more you know, the more flexibility and opportunities you have to attract money when you need it.
I know this advice may feel like it’s coming a little late when your house is about to go into foreclosure. You MUST talk to your money!!! What does your money need in order to come to you?

The clients who see the most magic and synchronicity are the ones who aren’t willing to sit around and wait for magic and synchronicity. Ironic, isn’t it?

3 daily rituals that will make you rich


I’m nervous posting this.
The message is important, but I worry my writing efforts don’t do it justice.
You see, I want you to be rich.
Sounds like get-rich-quick hyperbole, right?
….let me explain.

You see, I want you to feel wealthy, free to make decisions you need to make.
And just to be clear, this isn’t about possessions or cash in your wallet—it’s about changing how you think.
For most of us (myself included) we have a poverty mindset. Oh, of course, we talk about income, wealth, savings and growth.
That’s all great.
But a poverty mindset isn’t obvious—like software, you’re aware it’s there, but have no clue how it affects performance.
When I was a kid, clothes were handed down, we bought old cars (“You know you lose a quarter of it’s value as soon as you drive it off the lot!”) and a restaurant dinner was what we saw other people do.
We weren’t poor, but we certainly weren’t learning about abundance, or what it feels like to be rich.
In a binary sort of way, I used to think being rich was only about bank accounts and how many days you can call “vacation.”
It’s not that simple.
“A person’s relationship with money,” says behavioural economist Sarah Newcomb, Ph.D., “is almost never about the numbers. It is about the stories we tell ourselves because of those numbers.”
To tackle those stories we need to understand there is enough to go around.

It’s easy to compare ourselves to people who are more successful: taller, richer or with better abs. Get into almost any group and somebody has something or is doing something better than you.

The real harm is when we somehow believe we don’t deserve better, as if what we want is in limited supply. This scarcity thinking can even lead to being “…resistant to taking care of ourselves as fully as we can.” says clinical psychologist Suzanne Lachmann.

So we don’t attempt to save, get in shape, eat better, or invest in education. What’s the point, if you don’t deserve it?

The truth is you deserve it and there’s enough to go around.
There’s enough money, opportunities, business, gigs, deals, contracts and clients. And there’s certainly enough for you.

1. RITUAL: Notice abundance. Walk in nature, appreciate people who have something you want (don’t dismiss or envy them) and treat yourself (like a special cup of coffee, a book you’ve been wanting to read, or an overdue yoga class).
One of the most powerful ways I’ve become “richer” is to work on my habits. Those daily rituals that invisibly serve me or undermine me are there for my picking. The trick is to start with one.


I written lots about the power of habits for increasing productivity, but good habits will also change your outlook. What seemed impossible can be nibbled away with one simple daily ritual.

• Frustrated trying to sleep? Stop snacking, close down screens and then read for 20 minutes. One study found that people reading iPads before sleep took longer to fall asleep, had shorter REM sleep and were more tired the next day, compared to the book readers
• Losing weight seem impossible? Get smaller plates, and only take single servings. One study showed people ate as much as 30% less with smaller plates.
• Think you can’t save money? For one week, record what you spend money on, eliminate one low-return expense, finally, set up a automatic monthly transfer to a savings account.
After one month of practicing your new habit, you might have done more than in the previous year – that’s progress.

2. RITUAL: Take 2 minutes at the end of the day to appreciate the commitments you made to yourself – the more you do this the easier is becomes to keep the next habit.

Finally, ask for what you want.

I’m writing this from Wailea, Maui listening to the calls of the Mynas, sipping Ceylon tea as the morning warms up. In a few minutes we’ll be paddling out into ‘Alalaleili Channel to spend the morning watching Humpbacks breach.

How did this happen?

Simple, I asked for what I wanted (in this case, borrowing a friend’s condo).
When you ask for what you want, resistance gets off the wheel and opportunity moves to the passenger seat.
And, more often than not, we get what we need.
“You can’t always get what you want,
But if you try sometimes well you just might find,
You get what you need” – Rolling Stones, You can’t always get what you want

In my BOSS (Business Of Speaking) school I teach speakers to ask for the sale. It sounds simple, but I’ve learned the power that comes from asking the most obvious questions.

On more than one occasion, my client hasn’t had the budget to hire me. But, when asked if they want to buy a copy of my book for all 300 delegates (at the time, that was equivalent to paying my fee) they wrote a cheque.

3. RITUAL: the more you ask, the easier it becomes. Go for simple asks, like to go ahead in a line because you’re in a hurry, or have interest fees charges waived from a missed a credit card payment.
If we are going to do good on this planet we need to know we can make a difference. Call it power, abundance, karma or confidence…I want you to be rich.
If you really believe that abundance is available to all,” says Michelle Rose Gilman, founder of Fusion Academy middle schools, “you’ll end up attracting your own abundance.”

For more reading on abundance and creating wealth:
In this post “Want to make more money? Solve a bigger problem” I argued for raising your value in the market by solving bigger problems. A great starting point is to run a quick survey of your audience and ask them what they need.
In the post, “Want to make more money? Look in the mirror” I wrote about “turning up” your money margin so you are ready to receive more money. Sounds weird, but once you admit you’re wired to a money-set-point (money margin) it only makes sense you can change it.

Here’s the 5-step formula I use:
1. Learn to be uncomfortable
2. Study success.
3. Ask for what you’re worth.
4. Accept money as good.
5. Give money away.
If you want some incentive to turn your back on that chocolate chip carrot muffin, read “How to get rich by spending less money (it’s easier than you think)” – if nothing else, you’ll save $1,000 this year.
And, finally, in one of my most popular posts “How to make money now as an expert” I go deep into how to make money as a speaker, by, well, not speaking!

I believe there is not a single person who hasn’t worried about their financial situation and economic problems. These problems can make you feel much stressed and affect your everyday life. Have you ever wondered whether energy blockages are the cause of your financial problems? If this is the case, there is a very easy way to solve this problem. Keep reading to learn how you can resolve your financial issues and attract money with the help of a simple ritual.
No matter how hard you try to cut your expenses and save money, at the end of the month you are still short. Don’t worry if this happens to you often because it does to everyone. Money does not buy happiness however you need it to survive. When you have enough money you feel more secure and not afraid of the future.
Your chances of attracting money can be reduced if you are constantly worried, stressed and fatigued. Being aware of this and changing your attitude are the first 2 steps of improving your financial stability. Then you will remove the energy obstruction in your home by performing this simple ritual which will also improve your energy. At last, your financial issues will be resolved because this ritual will help you attract money.

Improve your financial situation by following the steps below:
• 2 glass bottles
• 2 handfuls of rice
• 2 green candles
• 6 black pepper grains

Note: You should make sure that you perform this ritual on Tuesday and complete it before Wednesday midnight.

Boil the water in a pan in order to remove the impurities. Fill the bottles with that water and then add 3 pepper grains and a handful of rice in each bottle. Close the bottles tightly and put one of them in your living room and one in the kitchen. Light the candles and leave one candle in front of each bottle for about an hour. The bottles should not be hidden, but on a place you can see them. Then, after the hour passes put out the candle flames using a spoon, and put the bottles in places where you can see them every day.
This ritual should be performed while you are home alone. Also, having guests during the procedure could affect the efficacy so try to avoid having someone over. The ritual is a way of communicating with the unknown, the sacred and the important. You can also pray to Archangel Uriel to bless your wealth if you are a believer.