You will not buy tangerines again, plant them in a container and you will always have hundreds of them

Tangerines, also known as mandarin oranges, are a tasty and refreshing citrus fruit packed with many nutritious compounds, including flavonoids, vitamin C, vitamin A, folate and potassium. These healthful components contribute to the health of all parts of the body, from cell DNA to the bones and heart. Tangerines are comparable to oranges, but pack even more vitamin A and iron, and slightly less vitamin C. As in oranges, Tangerines too are very low (53 calories/100 g) in calories.

Nevertheless, they are valuable sources of flavonoid anti-oxidants like naringenin, naringin, hesperetin, vitamin A, carotenes, xanthins and luteins; in fact, several times higher than in the oranges. Further, they contain natural soluble and insoluble fiber like hemi-cellulose, pectin…;etc., which prevents cholesterol absorption in the gut. Adequate fiber in the food aids in smooth bowel movements by acting as a laxative.

Yes, and as we said, now many people know the fact that these fruits can be cultivated at home, in flowerpots or in the garden. We will provide all the needed information on how to grow your own tangerines at home:

Here’s what you need to do:

First, you need to get a medium- sized flowerpot with holes at the bottom for drainage. Then, you need to put small stones on its bottom, and use organic soil for better drainage.

Additionally, use a bit of sand on the ground for better ventilation. After that, sow the tangerine seeds, cover them well, but do not press them firmly into the soil. Place the flowerpot on some sunny place. Well, you can also add a fertilizer high in magnesium, zinc, and iron. When the soil is dry to an inch deep, water the tangerines. Do not forget to cut the withered and broken branches. And remember – when you pick your fruits from this plant, you should be gentle and careful, in order not to cause any damage.

Well, there you have it guys! And now, you can enjoy your own, pesticide-free tangerines, and avoid the sprayed ones at the market, which are loaded with chemicals and can cause serious problems for your health! Thanks for reading and don’t forget to share this article with your friends and family. Thank you and have a nice day!

Despite its incredibly tasty flavor, the tangerine offers various health benefits at the same time. This fruit boosts the immune system, fight inflammation, promote the proper function of the lungs, and much more.

Yet, not many are aware of the fact that these fruits can be grown at home, in containers and garden. We will provide all the needed information on how to grow your own tangerines in pots.

How to Grow:
It is possible to grow tangerine from seeds but it is a much better to buy a grafted plant from a reputable nursery. That way you will be sure that it will bear good quality fruits and that too in short time.
Plants grown in containers need to be fertilized now and then to keep them growing. The same goes for tangerines, you will need to fertilize it with citrus fertilizer at least twice a year and as soon as you see new growth.

There’s nothing quite like the sweet taste of a tangerine on a summer day. But the one’s from the store can be covered in pesticides and expensive when they’re out of season. I’ll let you in on a secret; you can grow your own tangerines year round right at home!

Benefits of Tangerines

Tangerines are filled with a compound called flavonoids. One in particular is nobiletin which can be found as much as 5 times more than that of sweet oranges. This is what gives the fruit anti-inflammatory and even anti-cancer abilities!
Along with this, they’re packed with vitamin A, vitamin C, folate, hesperidin and potassium. All of these combine to give tangerines plenty of benefits like:

• Boosting the immune system
• Fight inflammation
• Promote the proper function of the lungs
• Fight cancer
• Anti-oxidizing and antibacterial properties
• Controls high blood pressure
• Boosts HDL cholesterol (‘good’ cholesterol)
• Reduce risk of blood clots

How to Grow your Own Tangerines

What you need

• Medium sized flower pot with holes in the bottom
• Small stones
• Organic soil
• Sand
• Tangerine seeds

What to do
1. Lace the bottom of the flowerpot with small stones
2. Place a bit of sand on the ground for better ventilation
3. Fill the pot with organic soil
4. Sow the tangerine seeds and cover them well. Do not press firmly!
5. Water and place in sunlight

You should also add a fertilizer high in magnesium, zinc and iron on occasion. Water when the soil is dry up to an inch deep. Be sure to cut away any broken or withered branches to keep the tree healthy.
Check out this video for some more tips on keeping your container plants healthy!

A tangerine tree has been a great addition to my home, and I know it’ll be a great one for yours too! Never buy them from the store again and you’ll always have the freshest home-grown fruit you can.