Great tricks to expand your tight shoes

Tight shoes? All the tricks to expand your shoes

Have you ever tried putting on sandals that are too tight, but are too good to leave them in the closet forever? Or probably some of you have ordered shoes which do not wear because they are small. Do you recognize yourself in one of these examples?
Do not despair: we present you a comprehensive guide that will help you to expand your shoes. But remember one thing – just do not pull.
Shoemaker. In case the “do it yourself” advices are not enough for you and you want to do the job more safely, go to a shoemaker who, with his professionalism and the right tools will allow you to have comfortable shoes with a small cost to you.
Hairdryer. The heat softens the skin, by which it is expanding.
For the next method, you need a newspaper page, to make a ball. Then you have to soak it in cold water and alcohol. Cold water eliminates any risk of stains. Leave the paper in your shoes for a few hours. This is not recommended for suede, because it can cause staining.
Ice. Fill up with water a fridge bag to the middle, put the shoe inside and close well. Place the bag in the freezer for freezing for at least one hour. Remove the shoe from the freezer and let sit for 20 minutes to thaw. The shoe will expand as the ice expands. This method is also not recommended for suede.
Grain. An old cowboy trick for boots: fill in the boots with oats or wheat, pour enough water on top in order to swell and leave them like that during the night. Let the shoes dry the next day.
These are all the tips with which you can get more comfortable shoes. If you use water and ice to enlarge your shoes, be sure to dry them away from direct heat. Above all, try not to give in to the temptation of beautiful but narrow shoes: wearing them can lead to problems in gait and back pain.

Several years ago, I bought a pair of fun leopard print ankle boots online to wear to an upcoming work conference. It was a pretty bold choice for me at the time, but even though they were a bit outside of what I would normally wear, I was really looking forward to receiving my sassy new booties in the mail! When they arrived, however, I was disappointed to discover that they were just a little bit too snug on my feet. 🙁
At first I considered just sending them back, but I didn’t want to give up without a fight! I decided to find out if there was a way to stretch out my too-tight shoes so that they fit more comfortably. (If it all went wrong, I decided I would simply have to wear them anyway, and suffer in the name of fashion for a few hours.) 😉
I found a few different shoe-stretching methods online, and tried the first one I read about – the freezer method. It worked perfectly, and I was able to wear my fab leopard print booties in total comfort! In the years since that occasion, I’ve successfully used two other methods to stretch out shoes – the rubbing alcohol method and the hairdryer method. So today I thought I’d share all 3 of those methods with you, just in time to get your favorite shoes ready for all those holiday parties. 🙂


3 Ways To Stretch Out Too-Tight Shoes
Method #1 – Freezer
You’ll need:
• Two large ziplock bags
• Water
Unzip both bags and place one inside the other. (You could use just one bag, but I like to use a second one as an added safety measure since there is water involved.)
Place the bottom of the ziplock bags into the bottom of your shoe. Use your hand to press the bags into all the nooks and crannies inside your shoe as best you can.
Once the bags are in place, carefully fill the interior ziplock bag with water until it fills up the inside of the shoe. Carefully seal the bag, then seal the outer bag too if you’re using one.
Carefully place the shoes into your freezer, and leave them there until the water inside the bag is frozen solid. As the water freezes it will expand (by approximately 9%!) and stretch out your shoes.
Remove the shoes from your freezer to allow the ice to thaw slightly. (You just need it to thaw enough that you can wiggle the bagged ice block out of the shoe!)
Once you get the ice out, your shoes should be nicely stretched and ready to wear!
You’ve heard of cream of tartar before, and you may even have a container of it in a cupboard somewhere alongside your baking supplies, but have you
• Rubbing alcohol
• Small spray bottle
Pour a small amount of rubbing alcohol into an empty spray bottle. Spray the inside of your too-tight shoes until they are slightly damp. Put the shoes on, then walk around until the alcohol dries. Repeat as necessary if your shoes are still a bit snug.
A variation on this method is to take a pair of cotton socks, soak them in rubbing alcohol and squeeze out the excess. Then put on the socks and wear with the shoes until the alcohol dries. Repeat several times if necessary.
You’ll need:
• Hairdryer
• A pair of thick socks
Put on a thick pair of socks (or as thick as will fit!) and slip on your shoes. Aim a hairdryer on the tight section for a few seconds, while wiggling your toes and and bending your feet inside the shoe. Keep the shoes on while they cool down. If you need more room, repeat the process again.


There’s almost nothing more difficult to manage than an uncomfortable pair of beautiful shoes. But it doesn’t have to be that way. Here are four ways to stretch your shoes.
At Shoes of Prey we have options for narrow and wide shoes, so we can prevent these problems from happening with your shoes. But, regardless of this, you probably have a few of those uncomfortable beautiful shoes in the cupboard, or potentially your beautiful new Shoes of Prey shoes need just a little bit more width, so we thought we’d share a few shoe-stretching techniques with you.

The first tip comes from a YouTube video by Michelle Phan, based on the principle of water expanding when it freezes. Basically you fill up watertight bags with water (I just use ziplock bags), put them inside the toes of the shoes and then put them in the freezer overnight. As the water expands, it will gently stretch your shoes. Do be careful to use tough bags so the water doesn’t leak onto your shoe. For a comprehensive tutorial checkout the video here.

Our second tip for stretching your shoes comes from Belinda. We made her bridal shoes for her wedding and in the lead up to the big day Belinda undertook some of her own shoe stretching at home to make sure these shoes were a perfect fit. She simply selected some bottles that are (kind of) foot shaped, wrapped them in something soft (face washers) and pushed them into the toes of the shoes. Belinda left them overnight and it worked a treat. Some people use potatoes so, you know, whatever works!

If you have time and patience on your side, you can also pull on a pair (or two!) of thick socks, pull your shoes on and wear them around the house for the day. The benefit of this one is that wearing the shoes warms up the leather a little bit, which can help the stretching process. To take this a step further, you can use a hairdryer on a low heat to speed up the process. Be careful to test as you go — if it’s too hot, it could damage the shoe.

A shoe stretcher is something you can buy in case you have more than one pair that needs stretching and it allows you to work on the length and width of your shoes. You can purchase a spray for your shoes first, spray that on, put the shoe stretcher inside the shoe, twist until you feel it reach a snug fit. Then, give it a few more twists (3-4) then leave your shoes overnight and they should feel much better by the morning.

Finally, this isn’t so much of a technique as a suggestion — you can have your shoes stretched overnight by your local cobbler. Depending on your cobbler, it could set you back about $15.