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If you have curly or wavy hair, this DIY curl cream recipe will be right up your alley! Instead of saturating your hair with store bought creams and mouses that are loaded with drying alcohols and chemicals, this homemade curl cream is an amazing alternative that works just as well but without all the gunk! We used all natural aloe vera gel, coconut oil, and shea butter to make this luscious curl enhancing cream.

DIY Curl Cream Recipe

Aloe vera gel is a natural gel and therefore works really great instead of an actual store bought hair gel. Aloe vera is also super moisturizing and healing, so if your tresses are stressed, this DIY curl cream will heal damaged strands as well.
Coconut oil encourages healthy hair growth, hydrates dry scalp and hair, and also detoxifies. Shea butter adds shine and lush to drab locks and also makes sure moisture stays put.
All three of these ingredients combined make for a kick-ass curl cream that you’ll love using day after day!
You’ll Need:
• 2 tbsp aloe vera gel
• 2 tbsp coconut oil
• 2 tbsp shea butter
• Mix all ingredients together in a small bowl until well incorporated.
• Apply to wet hair starting from the middle of the head and running all the way down to the ends.
• As you do this, twist the hair around your finger to encourage courls.
• Air dry or blow dry and style as usual.
Use this after every shower for beautiful, natural and bouncy curls!

3 Simple DIY Curl Cream Recipes That Can Give Your Hair New Life

As beauty editors, we spend a lot of our lives testing out the latest, greatest, and most talked about products. But every so often, the most effective solutions to our beauty needs don’t come in a bottle emblazoned with a brand name. Sometimes the best formula is one that’s been whipped up in our very own home. Whether your beauty secret was passed along by your grandmother or your best friend, these homemade remedies become our holy grail treatments. For haircare, the DIY approach can be especially desirable (and rewarding), avoiding chemicals and other havoc-wreaking ingredients that can mess with our tresses. For our curly-haired girls, we’ve rounded up three of our favorite DIY curl cream recipes so you can stick to natural ingredients (and save your hard-earned money).
Head below to discover three DIY curl cream recipes with ingredients from your kitchen.
Softening Shea Butter Curl Cream

Shea butter and coconut oil are usual suspects when it comes to DIY curl creams. This particular recipe makes use of both while incorporating aloe vera gel for texture and refreshing essential oils for that added oomph.
Shea butter
Coconut oil
Apricot kernel oil
Pure aloe vera gel
Rosemary essential oil
Chamomile essential oil
Melt and mix together the shea butter and coconut oil, then let the melted mixture cool in the refrigerator until it partially solidifies.
Whip with a hand mixer, add the apricot kernel oil, then continue mixing.
Add the pure aloe vera oil until it is completely mixed (and add essential oils for a rejuvenating scent, as desired).
Transfer to a mason jar and store in a dry, clean place.
Head to Beauty Munsta for the full recipe and instructions.

Lightweight Curl Perfecting Cream

Even easier than starting from scratch, you can add to the conditioner you already have to create an effective lightweight styling cream in seconds. Beauty YouTuber Curly Penny shares her straightforward recipe
Blue agave nectar
Sea salt
Coconut oil
Combine conditioner and agave until golden, then add crushed sea salt.
For the last step, add a bit of oil and mix. Curly Penny advises applying a quarter size of the goopy mixture to wet hair and scrunching.
Head to Curly Penny’s YouTube channel for the full recipe and instructions.

Coconut Oil Curl-Refreshing Spray

While not exactly a cream, this spray is a favorite of singer-songwriter Kandace Springs (and many others in the curly hair community) for keeping dry curls moisturized and tame, no matter what the day or weather brings.
Coconut oil
Warm water
“When my curls feel dry, I mix water and coconut oil in a spray bottle, shake it up, then spritz it all over my hair,” Springs explains to Allure. The finer your hair, the less coconut oil you should use to avoid weighing down your curls.

Here’s How to Make Your Own Curl Cream

As a curly hair blogger and enthusiast I naturally am a bit — ok, huge — product junkie, which can become very expensive when you have to buy products with natural ingredients and get through conditioners quickly!

Because natural, healthy hair care can be expensive, a lot of curlies and transitioners might go for cheaper products with harsh ingredients that in the long run will damage the hair. An alternative to this is to DIY! Make your own hair products. After some research online I found an easy and cheap recipe for a ‘curl cream’ leave-in conditioner. Check out the steps to make it and my results below.

This is my day 3 hair.
I will be refreshing it with water and the DIY curl cream. To make the cream you will need just 3 ingredients, coconut oil, shea butter and aloe vera gel, which came to around £15 to 17. Keep in mind that I will only be using a small amount of each for the curl cream.

We will be mixing 2 tablespoons of each ingredient in a bowl for the cream and you want to start with the thickest product (Shea Butter) as the base. I am using 100% natural unrefined shea butter, which was very hard to mix and came in clumps, so it did take a while to break down!
Step 1: Apply 2 tablespoons of shea butter to a bowl.
I prefer wooden bowls as the product doesn’t stick to them as much.

Step 2: Add in 2 tablespoons of coconut oil.
Mix both the oil and shea butter together until you get a soft creamy consistency, try to smooth out any clumps of shea butter.

Step 3: Once the consistency is smooth add in the last 2 spoonfuls of aloe vera gel.
This is in a way the LOC method mixed together. (LOC stands for liquid, oil, cream, with the liquid here being the aloe vera gel. Once the aloe is mixed in you will get a very creamy and white looking consistency, which is ready to apply to your damp or wet hair!
Step 4: Apply the final mixture to damp hair (a little goes a long way) so I was left with a lot of cream after!
This is amazing as the 2 tablespoons is hardly anything from each ingredient so you should have a curl cream lasting for at least a month. With a huge amount of ingredients left to make more and more curl creams until your heart is content! And plus, it is super cheap.
Check out my final results below, my hair was immediately moisturized so this is amazing if you ever are out of product and your hair is dry and needs to be replenished. I did feel that it may have been just a bit too heavy for my hair to give it the greatest definition but would work well for styling a bun of even twist or braid-out.

Let me know how this curl cream works for you!
If you have another tried and true DIY, tell us which mixture you would recommend for the best-defined wash and go in the comments below.
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