The tea that heals liver diseases, fatty, liver and fight cancer cells

The Tea That Heals Liver Disease, Fatty Liver, And Fights Cancer Cells

Since ancient times, dandelion root has been well known for its therapeutic uses thanks to its healing properties as well as precious support for liver complaints.
The benefits of dandelion root for liver detoxification and combating cancer are widely accepted by many cultures around the world.
For example, the native Americans used dandelion root and herb to treat kidney problems, dyspepsia, and heartburn. In traditional Chinese medicine, the root from dandelion was used to treat hepatitis, respiratory infections, bronchitis, and as a topical compress to treat mastitis (breast inflammation).

Dandelion root can be used as a natural remedy to treat:
? Digestive problems: Poor digestion, gastritis, acid reflux, dyspepsia.
? Lungs: Asthma, bronchitis, respiratory infection, lung cancer
? Gallbladder: Prevents gallstones formation, breaks down gallstones.
? Liver: Fatty liver disease, cirrhosis, hepatitis, liver cancer.
? Kidneys: Breaks down kidney stones, infections.
? Skin problems: Acne, psoriasis, eczema.
? Blood: Regulate blood pressure, improve circulation.
? Inflammation: Joint pain, gout, muscle spasms.

Sesquiterpene lactones, which give the bitter taste of dandelion root, are responsible for its effectiveness as a natural remedy for digestive issues such as irritable bowel syndrome (IBS).
In this article, we’re going to share some useful information about how to use dandelion root to detoxify your liver and fight against cancer.

Detox your liver with dandelion root

One of the most important benefits of dandelion root is detoxifying the liver. This function of the root is also proved by many studies.
Dandelion root is said to support liver detoxification as well as promote increased bile production, which is one of the main functions of the liver.
We cannot deny the fact that modern living brings us a variety of conveniences varying from foods, drinks, medicines, and other health and beauty care products, which come with a certain level of toxins that can cause numerous health problems.
As a result, our liver is affected as it works very hard to eliminate toxins and to keep our body free of toxins. When toxins become overwhelming, our liver suffers. Fortunately, dandelion root can help us enhance liver function and stimulates the process of toxin elimination.
Dandelion root contains a bitter compound called taraxacerin that increases the level of bile flow released by the gallbladder. Thanks to this property, dandelion root helps the liver detoxifies more efficiently.

Dandelion root to fight cancer

Scientists have confirmed that dandelion root is a potent cancer fighter and has been successful with prostate, colon, breast, liver, and works best for lung cancer.
Dandelion root is able to decelerate cancer’s growth, retard, and prevent the spreading process. It contains phytochemicals including Taraxasterol and beta-sitosterol – natural compounds with potent chemotherapeutic and chemoprotective effects.
According to studies, dandelion extract kills cancerous cells through a process called apoptosis (a process that forces cancerous cells to commit suicide).
Moreover, dandelion root contains a flavonoid called luteolin that has the ability to treat and prevent cancer. In fact, it helps destroy cancer cells as it attaches to them to stop them from multiplying.
Dandelion root was studied for its potential ability to fight against cancer in Canadian study in 2011. The results showed that dandelion root extract can induce melanoma cell death but not affect any other healthy cells. After many experiments, the study came to a conclusion that dandelion root presents a potential non-toxic solution for conventional leukemia treatment.

Dandelion root tea for liver detoxification and fighting cancer

? Dig up dandelion plants and try to keep their root intact.
? Separate the root from other components such as stems, leaves, flowers, and wash them thoroughly under running water.
? Dandelion leaves and flower have their own health benefits, so don’t throw them.
? Pour a quart of drinking water in a stainless steel pot and put to a boil.
? Chop the root coarsely, and put two tablespoons of the chopped root to the saucepan. Cover and simmer in medium heat for one minute.
? Remove the pot from the heat and let the dandelion steep for 40 minutes.
? After removing it from the heat, you can add chopped dandelion leaves to get additional health benefits.
? Drain the root (and leaves) and enjoy the tea!

Note: You can use dried dandelion root instead of fresh ones. The process is still the same but it just takes only 5-10 minutes to boil the root.
Drink one or two cups of dandelion root tea daily to detoxify your liver and fight against cancer.