Take a look at your little finger and see which description fits you

Take A Look At Your Little Finger And See Which Description Fits You!
Did you know that you can tell a lot about a person just by looking at the shape of their fingers? It probably sounds ridiculous and funny, but you’d be surprised at how true it can be.
Just look at the picture and then look at your fingers, are you type A, B or C? Pick your finger shape and read on if you want to find out. You can check your friends’ shape as well and find out a bit more about their personality. Tell us if you agree with the description, mine was spot on!
Type A
-You hate challenges and you are not a fan of trying new things
-You tend to keep your problems and feelings to yourself
-You never pretend to like something that you don’t
-You are an egocentric, when it comes to what is right for you, however, if it turns out to be wrong, you do not have the problem to accept that and apologize if needed
-You have a soft heart and you easily forgive others.
Type B
-You appear as a strong and cool person since you do not show too much emotions
-Although you do not show your emotions to other, you are an emotional type of person, and as soon as you get close with someone, you begin revealing your true self
-You take care of your loved ones, whereas you are cold to people who are not very close with
-You are not a quitter, regardless of the task in front of you, and you always try to finish everything you start
-You love helping others and you have a big heart
-You are very sincere and you are not a good liar, definitely. Therefore, you also hate when you are being lied to.
-Sometimes, the fact that you hide your feelings makes you sad at times.
Type C
-You are definitely a big dreamer; hence, you always dream about the true and perfect love-someone who will understand and love the real you
-You are very loyal when you are with someone and you always put that person first
-You always do what you think it is the right thing, no matter what
-You are a deeply sensitive person, but you appear as independent and strong to others
-You know how to remain cam when you are faced with challenges
What does your little finger look like?
A. Your little finger reaches above the upper line of your ring finger
? You’re not easily angered or annoyed and you have a relaxed personality.
? ‘The unknown’ makes you a little uncomfortable. And surprises? You’re not a fan.
? You respect other people’s opinions and you’re known for being open and frank.
? During discussions you might come across as a little bossy, but you’re always quick to apologize if you know you were in the wrong.
? Honesty is important to you and you like to surround yourself with honest people. You like the straight and narrow.
B. Your little finger doesn’t reach the upper line of your ring finger
? You don’t like taking the first step when it comes to approaching people. People think you’re shy and reserved.
? You’re a loyal and committed person. When you’re in a relationship, you give your partner lots of loving attention.
? Does someone have a secret? They’ll come to you first, because they know you’ll be able to keep it.
? You won’t give up on helping someone until the goal has been reached.
? Secretly, you do hope to find true love, even though you sometimes make it seem as if you don’t need anyone in your life.
C. Your little finger is the same height as the upper line of your ring finger
? You’re a modest person and you don’t open up to strangers easily. When you fully trust people, however, you have deep emotional connections to them.
? People sometimes tell you that you have an arrogant air about you, but that isn’t who you really are.
? Lies, dishonesty and hypocrisy? You won’t have any of it, because that’s nothing like you as a person.
? You’re your own biggest critic, and you always demand a lot from yourself.
? You can be quite eccentric at times.
? You have a big heart and you always want to help other people.
Our fingerprints tell us about who we are
“Dermatoglyphics” is the name that’s been given to scientific research into fingerprints. It helps us learn how the patterns of our fingerprints correspond to our personalities and habits. Take a look at the pictures below and read the description that goes with your fingerprint. Is it accurate?
Fingerprint #1

A fingerprint with loops like this is the most common pattern for Europeans. It’s connected to a calm and balanced personality. People who have a fingerprint like this are often very sympathetic and try to help other people. They are quick to make friends. Even though they are very diligent and work hard, they rarely take initiative.
The most important source of information and emotions for these people is their contact with other people. They’re emotionally predictable, have an open heart and are often in great health. Nevertheless, they can feel just as sick as children once they have fallen ill.
People with this type of fingerprint are often optimistic. They despise dull work they aren’t interested in. If you have a fingerprint with loops, you’ve got a strong imagination or you have what they call dreamy eyes.