Your blood type reveals much about your health


Blood groups are divided into four groups: A, B, AB and 0 and two Rh factors, plus and minus, and we inherit these from our parents. The research on the importance of blood groups health has long been scientifically underestimated because of the malicious Nazi scientist Dr. Otto Rehe who claimed that the group A is typical of full-blood Aryans, while people with blood type B are inferior to Aryans.

However, many modern studies show coincidence of certain blood groups with certain diseases, but also the advantages each group brings.

Blood type A

People with this blood type are more fertile but also prone to drinking more alcohol. They have an increased risk of stomach cancer compared to other blood types, especially if they are smokers or if they drink alcohol very often. Women who have this blood type can become pregnant even in older age since they have a larger ovarian reserve. People with blood type A have predisposition to alcoholism and Obsessive Compulsive disorder too.


Blood type B

These people have good metabolism however they are more prone to ulcers. Other health conditions linked to blood type B are memory problems and senility and Alzheimer’s disease in older age. Bacteria caused inflammations are also often. Still, not everything is bad about this blood type. People with blood type B have a very fast metabolism, they respond well to exercise which leads to easier muscle building.


Blood type 0

Blood type 0 has low risk of getting heart disease and stomach cancer but an increased risk when it comes to stomach ulcers caused by Helicobacter pylori. Having this blood type means you have the smallest risk of dying from malaria but you are more vulnerable when it comes to cholera. Men with this type are more prone to obesity and women have fewer and poor quality eggs which means they are less likely to conceive naturally. A good thing about this blood type is that having it means you are resistant to stress, because in people with blood type 0 the stress hormone cortisol to drop quickly after experiencing traumatic events.


Blood type AB

People with this blood type are more at risk of heart attack and developing a heart disease, digestive problems, such as chronic gastritis, Cronh’s disease etc. Particularly women with type AB are at a greater risk of suffering from a condition caused by high blood pressure – pre-eclampsia and occurrence of ovarian cancer.

According to studies, cortisol levels also normalize faster in people with blood type AB and they are less prone to having problems with vision.