Women you seriously need to stop doing these 13 things right now


All the women always try to ace that perfect look no matter what the cost, but they don’t always land the knockout punch, sometimes their need to keep pace with the trends makes them fall flat in the face.

But sure they need to be given full marks for their attempts.


It isn’t just for your face; it is for your body. You can apply it not only to your face but even introduce your entire body to the wonders of a sunscreen.


Don’t sit cross legs

Sitting with your legs crossed and looking all hot is not such a good habit to have. It affects the blood circulation into your lower limbs.


Wet Hair

If you have a habit of combing your hair right after the shower, you need to stop doing that.

Instead, blow dry your hair and comb. Combing wet hair weakens the streak.


Ponytails are not meant for you

Too much of ponytails are not good for your hair, it may lead to baldness and the health of the thread would deteriorate.


Even milk is not good

Milk makes your skin fatty, and that is pretty much counted as bad looks. Too much of oil on the skin is not a great thing.


Post plucking no touch ups

One should not put makeup right after plucking eyebrows. Putting makeup right after might increase the chances of having bacterias.


Use blotting paper

Use blotting paper to get rid of the greasy face instead of clogging your pores with powder. Using a powder straight away may cause blackheads.


Don’t stuff your bag

Its time you stopped carrying not so important things in your bags.


No thick layers of cream anymore

Avoid layers of cream just keep a thin layer of cream.


Fruit Juices no more

A lot of consumption of fruit juices can cause your skin to develop wrinkles and make your skin dull.


No more touching your face

Stop touching your face all the time. Touching one’s face can increase pimples and breakouts.


Don’t run your eyes

Do you fancy pretty lashes? If yes, stop rubbing your eyes. Rubbing them leaves you looking tired and weak.


Don’t over-expose to hair-dryers

Do not use a lot of hair products or heating equipment. Such products take away all the natural shine and softness from your hair. They even burn your hair of their natural nutrients leaving them dead.