I finally found a tea that makes my allergies go away and I’ll never stop drinking it


My allergies had always been well, awful to say the least however since I found this tea they no longer bother me. Nothing I have ever tried has worked until now.


Nettle tea is something that has been proven on more than one occasion to reduce the symptoms of allergies because it is a natural antihistamine so I decided to give it a go, I had nothing to lose except my allergies. The only downside to nettle is that is is a bit grassy and unpleasant, or at least for me, it is. That being said I have been able to drink it without issue.


Within about a week I noticed dramatic improvements with my allergies. I drank two cups a day, my nose was no longer stuffy and my eyes did not itch. It was a lifesaver! After I realized the tea was working I began looking into different kinds of nettle tea and found that for me my favorite is Peppermint Vanilla Nettle tea. I could honestly say it is the best tea I have ever tasted .


Otherwise known as “that plant that attacks your legs when you try to go hiking,” nettle (or stinging nettle, as it’s affectionately known) is an anti-inflammatory powerhouse, allowing it to attack allergies at their root (i.e., inflammation) and letting you get on with your life.


As a very important bonus, when it’s dried and made into a tea, it loses its pain-inducing properties, which is fairly vital for having a relaxing cuppa.


The only problem? Nettle is grassy, and not in a pleasant, I’m-frolicking-in-a-meadow way. I bought a bunch of loose-leaf tea from a local herb shop and had to almost hold my nose as I drank it. I got it down (see above note about my tea addiction; it’s very, very real) but I didn’t enjoy it. The only upside? My allergies got noticeably better. In about a week of drinking a cup or two a day, my eyes stopped itching and I went from blowing my nose upward of 10 times a day to blowing it once or twice.


And then I found The Republic of Tea’s Peppermint Vanilla Nettle blend. You guys. This tea. The subtle grassiness of the nettle is still there but it’s brought to life by the fragrant vanilla (vanilla is actually one of the flavors your brain perceives as sweetness, so including it in anything is a great way to impart that treat quality without adding any sugar) and the fresh peppermint. It is, quite simply, the best tea I’ve ever tasted (and smelled!). Everyone who’s ever tried it is obsessed (I can’t keep it stocked on my desk at the office)—and, after I switched from my local nettle tea to this one, the allergy-calming benefits kept right on going. This is the smoothest I’ve ever sailed through spring.


Bottom line: Get thyself Peppermint Vanilla Nettle Tea. If you can’t get that, get thyself some plain nettle tea (and maybe steep it with a peppermint tea bag, and a pinch of vanilla powder or dash of vanilla extract). If you can’t stomach that, use turmeric (also massively anti-inflammatory) and local honey (which inoculates you against pollens from your area, like an oh-so-sweet vaccine) in some water and call it a day.


Jessica Cording, a registered dietitian, also recommends avoiding dairy and taking a probiotic supplement if you’re prone to allergies. “This helps populate the GI tract with beneficial bacteria that can help our body function at its best and potentially reduce the severity of those symptoms,” she says. “While it’s not conclusive or shown to be a cure-all, having a healthy gut is important for overall wellness, so allergy season is a great time to make sure you’re on point with that.”