Early signs and symptoms of lung cancer you shouldn’t ignore


Cancer is one of the most dangerous diseases which is fatal many times. Lung cancer has become common across the world and leads to the death of both men and women as per American Cancer Society. It is a misconception among people that only smokers are at risk of lung cancer.


But the fact is around 20% of people who suffer from lung cancer are a non-smoker. As per American Cancer Society, the air pollution, diesel exhaust, radon gas and second-hand smoke are potential cancer-causing agents which increase the risk of lung cancer.


The best way to cure lung cancer is to detect it in an early stage. The sooner you get diagnosed with cancer the quicker you will be able to recover from lung cancer. Here are some early symptoms and sign of lung cancer which you should not ignore.


Early Signs of Lung Cancer


With numbers like the ones above, you shouldn’t wait around with lung cancer. If you notice any of these common signs of lung cancer, consult your doctor immediately.


Persistent cough

A common cold or other respiratory illness will cause a cough, but only for about a week or two. If your cough keeps going for a month or more, you should get it checked out. Also, let your doctor know if you’re getting sick repeatedly, and each illness goes straight to your chest.


Abnormal breathing or wheezing

Patients with lung cancer usually notice a change in breathing. Having shortness of breath or difficulty breathing after activities you normally find easy suggests a problem.

Similarly, don’t dismiss wheezing as a symptom of allergies unless your doctor has confirmed it. Wheezing happens when your lungs are constricted or blocked. Check into it, especially if you haven’t had a recent cold or known allergies.


Hoarse voice

Lung cancer may start pressing on the nerve that controls the larynx. When that happens, you will notice a change in your voice, such as a deepening or hoarseness. You should take note if the change lasts for more than two weeks and let your doctor know about this symptom.


Unexplained weight loss

Have you lost weight without trying recently? Although effortless weight loss might excite you, it could mean a deeper problem and needs your doctor’s evaluation. Coupled with any of the other symptoms here, the weight loss may be considered one of the early signs of lung cancer.


Back pain

Finally, a lesser known sign of lung cancer is a deep ache in your bones or joints. Many feel this ache in the back or hips, and the pain may worsen overnight with sleeping.