5 things every female virgin should know that nobody will tell them!


Virginity of a girl is seen by many as a pristine thing to lose before marriage, however, it should be left on the individual to make their life choices. A person cannot be forced or judged on their personal lie decisions, but there are some things that virgin girls need to keep in mind.


  1. It Feels Better Without a Condom

You know, people really get on their high horse when it comes to using condoms. Here’s the thing: You know those PSAs or HBO Families in Crisis movies about the importance of safe sex? And there’s always a guy who’s like slimy and tries to sweet-talk his girlfriend into having sex without a condom because “it feels better.” Well, he’s right. It totally does feel better. I know, know! Condoms are important for many reasons and you should wear them. But for me, it feels way more natural without one and I’m much less likely to get a UTI. And if he re-ups and is able to fuck you again, and you guys go through with foreplay again, it doesn’t taste as gross when you go down on him.


  1. Queefing

We’ve been over this. But in addition to what was already discussed, I’d like to add that you probably won’t need to worry about queefing the first time, because most likely, you’re so new down there that you’re pretty much airtight.


  1. Location, Location, Location

Your pussy is prime real estate. If your body were a Monopoly board, your clit and vadge would be Boardwalk. A lot of guys don’t know what the hell they’re doing, and sometimes they just poke their dick around blindly. Make sure you guide them to the front hole, ’cause If he accidentally jams it in your butt or your taint, and you’re not ready for it, you’re not gonna like the way it feels. Trust! Which brings me to number four…


  1. Lube, Lube, Lube

This is seriously the most important thing for D in the V. (Or B…but no butts yet, I said!) Ideally, you want to be so turned on that your vadge is naturally wet, but that might not happen the first few times, for whatever reason (nervousness, fear, etc.) So just make sure you have a bunch of lube on hand. However, if you got a lot of bottled lube down there, you shouldn’t attempt doggy style, because all that stuff will get in your pee hole and it will give you the mother of all UTIs.


  1. Tampons Will Fit Better After

No joke. They really will. I was never able to get tampons up there before I lost my virginity, probably because I was too tense whenever I tried. But the weekend after I did it for the first time (and the second, and third, and fourth, and so on), I decided to try to insert a slender/regular, even though I didn’t have my period. Not nearly as much resistance and I was able to get the entire thing up there.