The oil that removes uric acid from the blood ,cures anxiety & stop alcohol & cigarettes cravings


Black pepper is one of the most popular spices and the most used in cooking. Yet many people are unaware of its benefits and especially those of its essential oil. To remedy this lack of information, you will find here the main virtues of this extremely beneficial oil for health.


Health benefits of black pepper essential oil

Thanks to its many restorative, expectorant, antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, etc. properties, black pepper essential oil brings you a multitude of benefits, the main ones of which are:



Stimulate digestion: It increases the secretion of hydrochloric acid in the stomach, which improves digestion and helps prevent colic, constipation and diarrhea. Black pepper also prevents the formation of intestinal gas and promotes urination and sweating, which helps eliminate toxic substances from the body.


Relieving muscular and joint pain: black pepper essential oil has anti-inflammatory and analgesic properties, excellent for reducing muscle and joint pain. To be used diluted with a vegetable oil.


Improve the health of the skin: It has been scientifically demonstrated that the piperine present in pepper and its essential oil, stimulates the production of pigments, which improves the appearance of the skin in case of vitiligo, an illness which causes the appearance of white patches in different parts of the body.


Fight against nasal congestion: it relieves nasal congestion and sinusitis, because of its ability to dissolve mucus and phlegm in the airways.



Boost cardiovascular health: It helps fight against lymphatic stasis and varicose veins. Simply dilute with vegetable oil and massage the affected areas.


Fight Free Radicals: Its antioxidant properties help prevent and repair the damage caused by free radicals, reducing the risk of liver problems, cardiovascular disease and even cancer.


Stimulate cognitive function: Thanks to its piperine content, it reduces cognitive disorders, memory problems, anxiety and melancholy.


Promote weight loss: Thanks to its heating effect, it promotes the breakdown of fat cells, which makes it ideal for reducing cellulite clusters and refine the silhouette.


How to use the essential oil of black pepper


The benefits of black pepper essential oil strongly depend on how it is used. It can be ingested, inhaled or applied topically. Here are the benefits of each mode of use.



When ingested, black pepper essential oil provides the body with sesquiterpenes, which are powerful antioxidants known to promote urination and sweating, helping the body to get rid of its waste and toxins.


By olfaction

While black pepper essential oil is best known for its ability to relax the body, many people are unaware that it is also effective in relaxing the mind. When used in olfaction with other oils such as lavender and juniper, it helps relieve mental stress, anxiety and helps people cope with the stress of smoking and alcohol withdrawal.


In the end, using black pepper oil locally with a carrier oil helps to relax muscles and relieve cramps. Its antispasmodic properties relieve cramps while its antioxidant properties eliminate uric acid deposits, making it beneficial for people with gout, arthritis and rheumatism.


Warnings: The essential oil of black pepper should not be used in pregnant women under 5 months and in children under 8 years. In cutaneous application, it is recommended to make a tolerance test in the hollow of the elbow to limit the risks