How does your heart feel about your diet?


Heart deadly foods


PF chang’s pan-fried noodles: a day’s worth of calories, 1 1/2 days’ worth of fat, and more than three days’ worth sodium


Extra butter popcorn: 7 times more trans-fat than recommended daily.


Cinnamon: contains nearly an entire day’s worth of fat


Kid’s lunch able: more sugar than a child should have in one day


Hostess pudding pie: tree-quarters of a child should have in one day


Biscuits & gravy: more than two-thirds of a days’ worth of sodium


Canned peaches: more than double the amount of sugar than a fresh peach


IHOP steak omelet: close to three-quarters of a day’s worth of calories


Jimmy Dean Breakfast: packed with refined carbs & saturated fat


Deep dish pizza: contains twice the amount of daily trans-fat.


Cheeseburger: equivalent of 4 dunking donuts sugar donuts


Stouffers pot pie: more saturated fat than you should eat in an entire day


BBQ ribs: packs two full days’ worth of saturated fat


Chicken tenders & fries: loaded with fat & sodium


Blimpie veggie sub: Contains more than half a days’ worth of calories and a cascade of carbs


Grape soda: about a days’ worth of sugar intake


Milk shake: More than 3 days’ worth of saturated fat.


Heart healthy foods


  1. Salmon: omega-3 in salmon helps prevent heart disease.


  1. Kidney beans: high in fiber and lowers cholesterol


  1. Almonds: protects artery walls from damage


  1. Oatmeal: lowers the rise in blood sugar after meals


  1. Flaxseed: prevents hardening of the arteries


  1. Walnuts: helps cholesterol, blood pressure & inflammation


  1. Broccoli: can lower cholesterol and help facilitate digestion


  1. Tuna: aids in the prevention of irregular heart rhythms


  1. Carrots: improves vision and helps prevent heart disease


  1. Blueberries: antioxidants/fiber helps prevent heart disease


  1. Brown rice: lowers cholesterol and risk of diabetes


  1. Spinach: helps brain function and improves blood pressure


  1. Sweet potato: helps reduce stress levels


  1. Asparagus: helps breakdown carcinogens & free radicals


  1. Cantaloupe: helps thin blood and prevents blood pressure


  1. Oranges: helps control heart rate and blood pressure


  1. Tomatoes: wards off inflammation and blood-clots.


  1. Dark chocolate: in moderation can lower blood pressure


  1. XANGO juice: breaks down carcinogens & free radicals.


  1. Almond milk: No cholesterol, which improves blood pressure