How to choose and use mala beads


How to choose the right mala for your personality

  1. If you’re hyper and active

If you possess these qualities, chances are you have a lot of fire in you. Soothing aquamarine, calming amazonite, and purifying amethyst can all help balance the heat and bring it down a notch.


  1. If you’re a communicator

Apatite is a great stone for clear communication, and it’s perfect for writers, publishers, and journalists.


  1. If you’re anxious

If you have high levels of anxiety, chances are you need to ground yourself. Stones such as smoky quartz release anxiety and negativity while moonstone can aid in emotional balance and help you get centered.


  1. If you’re a creative

Rose quartz may be the ultimate love stone, but it also enhances creativity with a loving, nurturing energy that encourages great ideas to flow.


  1. If you’re a healer

If they don’t properly take care of themselves, healers can give too much of their own energy to others. Stones like tourmaline, the ultimate protection stone, and energy-cleansing clear quartz are great options.


  1. If you’re an entrepreneur

Powerful citrine is great for go-getters and business owners, as it can help you connect with your own power and attract money…who doesn’t want that?


  1. If you’re a spiritual soul

Amethyst can deepen any meditation by connecting you to a higher source of energy.

Identify with more than one personality type on this list and still not sure which stone to choose? A mala’s color can also help you home in on the perfect one, depending on what exactly you want to invite into your life.


How to use a mala?


Malas can be used in different ways, not just for religious purposes.

Nowadays, mala is more and more used in the context of fashion, as an accessory or jewelry. It can also be used for the recitation of prayers (no matter what the worship) and meditation.


In the practice of meditation, mala can be used as a counter. Like a simple rosary, he can objectively mark the duration of each session.

When reciting prayers or mantras, each repetition will be associated with a pearl, allowing you to count exactly the number of times you repeat your mantra or prayer. When you reach the Meru (pearl different from others), it indicates that the turn of the mala is complete.


Some people also use the mala during Yoga practice, to use it as a point of attachment, and to infuse it with energy during the Yoga session.


In Buddhism, the mala is held in the left hand, and skewers with the right hand with the help of the index finger and thumb. This gesture symbolizes taking beings out of suffering and charging their body with positive energy. In Hinduism, mala is held with the right hand, the left hand being considered impure.


And finally, for people who have no interest in meditation, religion, or yoga, wearing a mala can just help you feel better. Indeed, in the Chinese popular belief, the mala can purify itself, and repel negative energies and evil spirits.

No matter how you use it, your mala must first and foremost bear personal and personal meaning only to you!