A simple and natural cure for snoring, not many know about this!


Usually this is a problem that affects those who hear snoring, not snorers in themselves. If your partner snores, you already know the problem. We can not sleep enough, we are disturbed and this needs to be solved.


Usually this happens at night and because of deformed nose lanes or crowded lanes, also in those who have alcohol or are obese. In addition, snoring is due to excess mucus in the nose and throat too.


We have good news for you.


The effective and natural remedy we have can stop snoring. Many people have said that regularly with this remedy (juice) snoring was stopped in the end!




2 apples


2 carrots


¼ lemon


1 ginger root


In a blender or juicer, mix everything and mix well



  1. Have a few hours before sleeping, every day.


2. This juice is effective because of its articles. Lemon Vitamin C cleans the nasal passages and nostrils, apples                  and carrots clear the nose and ginger soothes the pressure in the nasal passages.

Finally, snoring is not harmful and with proper breathing and a careful diet, it can be solved. But, if none of the natural methods work, consult an expert about it.